Our Story

VAIA is dedicated to producing only the best-in-class materials which exmphasize beauty, elegance, and feminity design.

we place the utmost emphasis on the ultimate level of comfort, craftsmanship, and unwavering attention to detail and style for any occasion. Using the finest material that ensures the most comfortable fit during the wear
known for its unparalleled comfort, premium quality, and elegant style so you can stirde with confidence and comfort

Meet The Teams Behind VAIA!
Setiap koleksi yang dikeluarkan oleh VAIA memiliki cerita, keterlibatan dari banyak orang serta proses yang cukup panjang dibaliknya. Di video kali ini, kami akan membagikan bagaimana alur dari proses setiap pembuatan produk VAIA yang kamu miliki. Penasaran? yuk simak videonya, Ladies! #5thAnniVAIAsary