Bintari 90 mm

IDR 915,000
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Color: Kulit

Product Description

Bintari was inspired by the combination of kawung batik and flora batik. In Javanese culture, the geometrically arranged Kawung motif is interpreted as a symbol of the occurrence of human life. The hope is that humans will not forget their origins. In addition, the Kawung batik motif is also known as a symbol of wisdom, self-control, and a clean heart. The flora is the rose guava flower, where rose guava is one of the typical flora of Yogyakarta.


  • Materials : Mesh embroidery with detailed Batik embellishment, Nappa leather, soft-padded genuine Leather, Durable modified outsole.
  • Design type : Signature
  • Shoe type : Heels
  • High heel : 90 mm
  • Heels shape :  Slim heel
  • Toe shape : Pointed toe
  • Sizing Category : A
  • Available color(s) : Kulit and Tuscany

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