Is there any chance for the item that has already sold out, to be restocked again?

Yes! don't worry keep updated with us on Instagram @vaia.official we will share with you which items will be restocked regularly!

If the size and colors that I want are out of stock, can I Pre-Order it?

Unfortunately not, but don't worry keep updated with us on Instagram @vaia.official till we have restocked your favorite items!

Do VAIA provide repair services?

We provide repair service where the damage occurs outside of the warranty period/damage due to negligence.

Do VAIA provide warranty product?

For quality warranty, VAIA provides warranty service for 6 months starting from the first purchase of our product.

 What is covered by the warranty:

a. Damage caused by manufacturing defects when the goods were first received.

b. Damage caused by normal use as intended

 Damage or defects due to negligence in use are not included in the scope of the warranty. However, we provide repair services for this matter.

 The VAIA team will objectively assess the damage and whether it is within the scope of the warranty.

How do I take care of my VAIA products?

- Don't store the shoes in a humid place

-Store shoes in a shoe box or in a dust bag

- Apply cleaner with a brush

- Clean shoes with a certain cleaner regularly with unidirectional movements

- Allow your shoes to air dry at room temperature